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Good Cheer Paper Co is a collection of my original block prints, hand-lettering, and greeting cards designed to bring good cheer into everyday life.

How It's Made

Block printing is a type of printmaking in which the block is hand carved, rolled with ink, and then hand pressed onto paper.

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A Little About the Artist

Hello! I'm Kandace, the artist behind Good Cheer Paper Co. I began block printing as a way to take a step back from the computer as a graphic designer. I love to work with my hands and this old world printmaking technique has been the perfect remedy in a high-tech world. My favorite part about block printing is that no two prints are exactly the same!

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Upcoming Events


September 13-16

Inside Foust Building

Thur-Sat: 10am-9pm

Sun: 10am-6pm

523 S Main St

Grapevine, Texas

Arts Goggle

October 20th

Noon to 10pm

Magnolia Street

Fort Worth, Texas

Funky Finds

November 17th & 18th

Sat: 10am to 5pm

Sun: 11am to 4pm

Cattle Barn 2

Will Rodgers Memorial Center

Fort Worth, Texas