How It's Made

The beauty of block printing is no two prints are exactly the same. Each print pulls with its own texture, making it one of a kind just for you.

Initial sketch of the Horned Frog print

Every new block print starts with a bit of brainstorming that becomes a pencil sketch. Once the sketch is complete, I ready it for transfer to a linoleum block.

After transferring the artwork to the block, I carefully carve away the linoleum. If a print requires multiple colors, then I carve multiple blocks.

Carved Horned Frog Linocut
Inked Horned Frog Linocut

By carving the block, a raised surface is created. This surface holds the ink that creates the printed artwork.

Now that the block is carved, I mix the colors, roll out the ink on to the block, and hand burnish the back of the paper to transfer the print.

Hand burnishing the Horned Frog Linocut
Pulling the finished Horned Frog print

Finally, I pull the paper away from the block revealing the hand printed linocut artwork. Each print pulls with a unique texture, making it one of a kind.

Once dry, each print is ready to spread some good cheer!